How to Start a Program

These instructions are designed to help you start a program and get off to a great start! In addition, Kate Román, Executive Director, is available to provide 1:1 Training. We have also embedded videos to provide guidance. Getting started is simple:


There are nine steps to get a program running

  1. Read the Operations Manual and find a co-coordinator
  2. Complete background check & contracts
  3. Obtain authorization from the school to deliver your food
  4. Secure storage space & set up workspace to store your food and pack your bags
  5. Receive training with our Executive Director
  6. Find out from school liaison how many kids need support
  7. Fundraise!
  8. Recruit your volunteer teams
  9. Shop, fill your bags, and make your deliveries

For detailed instructions and helpful resources, please download our How to Start a Program Guide.