Thank you for caring about Barrington End 68 Hours of Hunger. All donations in the month of August will be made in honor of JJ Poulin, for his 3rd annual birthday fundraiser. JJ, a sweet, happy go lucky Barrington boy, was taken from all of us way too soon. His family has chosen to give back in his honor for the past three years, and we are so very thankful.

Program Coordinators:

Kim Gibson

Tracey Gower

Team Leaders: Linda Sunderland, Roger Gingrich, Holly Grossman, Karen Atherton

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THANK YOU to our entire community who is reaching out asking how to help amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19. We appreciate your support so much! We will keep you all updated on our needs via our facebook page. We currently have an appropriate inventory of food and are planning on ramping it up to ensure the children of the program can be taken care of for an extended period of time. Should you want to help out financially, our largest need for protein includes; 15.5 oz jars of peanut butter, Hormel Complete meals, canned chicken, canned tuna, canned chili and beef stew. These can be arranged to be picked up by texting us at 603-767-2377 or facebook messaging us. If you would prefer to give financially, the link is provided below and we will use this money to continue to buy the food for the program. 100% of your donation ALWAYS goes directly toward food.

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