Virtual Online Auction This Wednesday!

2nd Annual Virtual Auction this Wednesday night at 6! Hope to “see” you all there! Click link below for more info! Heartfelt thanks to Jen for all her hard work making this happen And our community for all the fantastic donations!! All proceeds will be split between End 68’s MWV Chapter and Starting Point!
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Twin Soul Creations virtual benefit auction is taking place Wednesday, December 16th at 6pm. 100% of the proceeds will go to End 68 Hours of Hunger.
This auction started as a small idea and this community has made it grow into something incredibly impactful.
Wednesday, Dec 6th @ 6pm they will begin as a Facebook Live. They will explain how things will run and introduce the first box promptly.
Each box will be numbered (1-5) and will have a starting value/bid – we will read off the contents of each box before opening the bidding on it.
Participants will bid in the comments. Your comment bid must include the item number and $ amount you are bidding. Once 30 seconds has gone by with no new bids, a winner will be announced and the bidding on that box will be CLOSED. No further bids will be accepted and we will move onto the next box.
We are super excited for this and are working hard at gathering lots of MWV local love to fill those boxes with!
Thank You Jennifer Cote for putting this together and thank you ahead of time to the bidders!


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