Tri City Subaru Shares The Love Once Again

Tri City Subaru shares the love once again, bringing their total donation to End 68 Hours of Hunger to nearly $150,000.  At the end of each year, Subaru nationally conducts a campaign to share their profits with charities all across the nation, and our Lake County Program in Ohio and our Dover, Rochester and Somersworth programs in New Hampshire have benefited tremendously from their donations to support feeding children on the weekends!

This year Tri City Subaru shared their profits once again with the Rochester, Somersworth and Dover programs and presented Claire Bloom, Founder and Volunteer Executive Director with a check for more than $17,000.

Last year Tri City Subaru became the fourth of our Charter Sponsors, organizations giving us more than $68,000 in donations.
Here are the wonderful people of Tri City Subaru presenting not only funds but also food to support our local children!

From Left to Right : Mike Arthur, Jordan Plante, Andy Cyr, Andrea Lizio, Josh Kidd, Brian santos, Deb Mueller, Anthony Lanciano, Chloe Langmaid, Craig Enslin, Kathleen LaBranche, Michael Carr, Claire Bloom, Rob Arthur, Jim Harris, Matt Dugal, David Rosenberg, Mike Bickford, Vince Michuad


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