Thank you to Timberland!!

Timberland LogoTimberland Hosts End 68 Hours of Hunger!

End 68 Hours of Hunger volunteers spent hours helping Timberland prepare for their semi-annual “Sample Sale”.  This event allows Timberland employees, the volunteers themselves, and friends and family to buy the sample shoes, boots, wallets, backpacks and clothes at dramatically reduced prices.  100% of the funds go to End 68 Hours of Hunger!

Approximately 150 volunteers were involved, spending three and a half days preparing for the sale, then a half day during the sale itself, and finally a day cleaning up following the sale.  The event raised more than $25,000 for the End 68 Hours of Hunger program, and provided employees, volunteers, and friends and family with fantastic product at reduced prices.


Thank you so very much to all the employees who voted for End 68 Hours of Hunger to receive these proceeds, and thank you to the company for hosting us!  It was great fun!  Here are some photos!

Timberland 4 Timberland 2 Timberland 1


Paper plane