Thank You Holy Rosary Credit Union

Holy Rosary Credit Union has been a long-time supporter of our End 68 Hours of Hunger program, and on January 3 of this year they donated to support six programs, Barrington, Dover, Farmington, Milton, Rochester and Somersworth thereby supporting 400 children in our local communities.  Their community support has grown to $35,000 this year, and they have provided more than $200,000 to community organizations.

End 68 Hours of Hunger celebrated its 10th anniversary in October of 2021, having grown from one program serving 19 children to 45 programs serving nearly 4,500 children every weekend.  Claire Bloom, Founder and Volunteer Executive Director of End 68 Hours of Hunger says that “We haven’t done that alone, and have had the remarkable support of individuals, companies, and local businesses along the way to make it possible for us to continue to feed our local children.  The research is clear, that children who do not receive sufficient food are unable to concentrate on their school work, and have poorer performance beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through their school years.  Our mission is to confront that hunger problem with food on the weekends, when they are not receiving food in school.”

“End 68 Hours of Hunger is made up of an amazing group of volunteers who make this all possible.  We work in these communities providing youth financial education and knowing the need is there in our community, we are very happy to provide this support,” said Brian Hughes, the President of HRCU.

Claire and Keith Launchbury, the Farmington Program Coordinator, met with Brian and Charlie Raynes, Director of Marketing at the HRCU headquarters to accept the donation.

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Pictured from left to right, Charlie Raynes, Director of Marketing HRCU, Claire Bloom, Founder and Executive Director End 68 Hours of Hunger, Brian Hughes, President and CEO of HRCU, and Keith Launchbury, Farmington End 68 Hours of Hunger Program Coordinator


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