Student Volunteers Inspire Girl Scout Troop

The volunteers at End 68 Hours of Hunger in Kittery, Maine had the pleasure of talking with a Girl Scout troop of second graders who were studying community food issues. The very attentive group was delighted to see that two of their classmates’ volunteerism had figured prominently in the six-year history of the Kittery End 68 Hours of Hunger. Before the two young volunteers had even begun their scholastic careers, they were frequently part of our team of volunteers, packing and delivering food. Bright young Charlie took a lot of pleasure in helping her mother’s weekly bag packing and restocking, occasionally breaking out in a happy dance. Dedicated young Braden, then 5 years old, had seen mention of the program in a Channel 22 presentation at the Town Council and told his family he wanted to help by doing a food drive. Family and friends helped him put on a “Drive-Thru” food drive that brought in hundreds of dollars worth of food and more in donations. He and his mom then became regular weekly volunteers, packing and delivering. Even after entering school, he still volunteers on vacations.

Hearing about young people who make a difference in their own community made a wonderful impression on our Girl Scout visitors. 


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