Spotlight on Dempsey Arsenault

End 68 Hours of Hunger is excited to once again partner with Athlete’s Unlimited as part of their Athlete’s Causes program.
Dempsey Arsenault started playing Women’s Professional Lacrosse after playing four years at Boston College. Dempsey will be donating 50% of her season bonus to End 68!
Dempsey chose this charity because it holds a special place in her heart. Her Aunt, Courtney Turgeon, lived in Somersworth, NH and recently passed away. Courtney was a huge advocate for End 68 Hours of Hunger in that area. She volunteered so that children did not have to worry about food insecurity on the weekends when they were away from school. Since her passing in the fall of 2019 they have created a fundraiser in her name called the Courtney Turgeon Memorial Fundraiser to benefit End 68 Hours of Hunger where 100% of the donations go to the charity.
The event is amazing and raises a large amount of money in her honor. I love what this foundation represents and the direct positive impact it makes in local children’s lives.
Thank you Dempsey for choosing End 68 to honor the memory of your Aunt Courtney


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