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Newsletter ImageWelcome to our BLOG!!

Our new website offers us the opportunity to keep you updated here about what’s happening in End 68 Hours of Hunger.  Here we will feature all the activities, events, new sponsors, and new programs in our active community.

Our old newsletter was great to pin to a bulletin board, but now we can keep you up to date far more often than once a month!

You have two options to get our news!

You can come visit the site and see our blog entries as they happen, or you can still get our newsletter which will now be made up of our blog entries so you don’t have to come visit us here as often.

Get our news emailed to you each month! 

To get our news monthly by email, you MUST SIGN UP!  We will continue to send the news our for a few months, but please click  “Contact Us” to sign up to make sure you don’t miss anything important!  Make sure to click the box that says that you do want to receive the newsletters!

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