Principle Hiking 486 Miles to End Hunger

Rea Kreider, Jim Eaves & Jeff Harbour on day one

Jim Eaves, a retired principle from East Kingston Elementary school in Exeter, NH, recently started a 486 mile hike of the Colorado Trail, all to raise money for End 68 Hours of Hunger Exeter! The experienced hiker has traversed all across the country starting with his years as a boy scout, during his college years and throughout his life. Having worked in schools for 34 years, he consistently experienced children struggling with food insecurity.

When Jim planned to hike the Colorado Trail again, he saw an opportunity to use the hike to raise awareness and raise funds during his six week hike. He felt that his hike could directly impact his own community.

You can read more about Jim and his journey below in the Seacoast Online article and follow Jim on his blog On The Trail

Retired principal hiking 486 miles to end hunger



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