Why does America have so many hungry kids?

This eye opening article featured on CNN’s website highlights the problem of food-insecure households across the United States and how we can foster stronger communities through volunteerism. Why does America have so many hungry kids? In a one-hour, prime-time CNN special, “Champions for Change” introduces us to leaders and volunteers behind inspiring organizations airing Saturday, June 17,...  Read More

The Power of One!

Instead of Final Exams at Oyster River High School in New Hampshire, ninth graders were able to participate in The Power of One program, an opportunity to organize a variety of charitable efforts. One student, Ty Mountain, chose End 68 Hours of Hunger-Oyster River for his project. Ty organized a food drive and collected over...  Read More

Combatting Food Insecurity Across the Region’s Schools

By ASHLEY SAARI Monadnock Ledger-Transcript Tuesday, May 16, 2017 It looks much like you would expect a food pantry to look – shelves stocked with simple staples, and lots of them. But instead of being in a church basement, or any of the other usual spots for such a service, it’s located in a storage space...  Read More

Successful Food Drive Raises $78,000!

Ken Kruger, one of the organizers from Hope Worldwide sends his heartfelt thanks, an inspiring story and encouraging words regarding this years successful Walmart food drive. “Thank you for another successful set of food drives serving our New Hampshire communities.  We raised over $12,880 in food and cash donations at Epping Walmart!  Collectively since 2014, we...  Read More

Tampa Chapter To Receive Product Grant

Tampa’s Chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger were recently notified that they will be receiving a 4imprint promotional products grant! They will be using grant funds to buy drawstring bags to help the kids get food home for the weekends! Thanks for supporting our charity, 4imprint!!  Read More

One In Every Five Children Go Hungry in U.S.

Check out this YouTube video US: ‘One in every five children going hungry.’ Claire Bloom of End 68 Hours of Hunger told Al Jazeera broadcasting : “We know there are 16 million hungry children in America, one in every five. Feeding 3,000 is a big number to us, but in the whole scheme of things, it’s...  Read More

Want Kids to Learn Well? Feed Them Well

What can we expect our kids to learn if they’re hungry or eating diets full of sugar and empty of nutrients? Former White House Chef and food policymaker Sam Kass discusses the role schools can play in nourishing students’ bodies in addition to their minds. Check out this amazing TED talk: Want Kids to Learn...  Read More

New York Yankees manager supports End 68

The P.R. department for the New York Yankees mentioned End 68 Hours of Hunger in a recent tweet: “Today Girardi supported @end68hours, a nonprofit that gives bags of nourishing food to in-need children to feed them on weekends” Many thanks to Yankees Manager Joe Girardi and the Yankees P.R. department for your support and for getting...  Read More

Singing For Their Supper

Rockingham Choral Society will partner with End 68 Hours of Hunger to present the Choral Society’s Spring concert, Spotlight on Broadway.  The Society, under the direction of Andrew Gaydos and accompanied by Jeannie Goodwin, will present musical memories of Broadway including Porgy and Bess, Carousel, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and...  Read More
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