Pack the Bags Volunteer Opportunity in Nashua

Each week, Nashua’s chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger provides 200 food bags for children who face food insecurity at home. We fill the gap between free (or reduced cost) school lunch on Friday and free breakfast on Monday.  Our task would be impossible without you, the volunteers!  Please join our bag packing team by signing up for a particular date below.

Packing Team Sign Up

Please arrive at our storage space at the United Way for Greater Nashua (20 Broad St. Nashua) promptly by 7pm. Our teams work quickly & efficiently and make every effort to be done by 7:45pm.

Our phone number:  412-42END68  (412-423-6368)

Location: End 68 Hours of Hunger headquarters at the United Way- 20 Broad St Nashua, NH

Thank You!!


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