Newmarket High School Donation!

Newmarket High School

At the end of the school year Newmarket High School accounts have to be closed.  After consideration, the principal sent $1600 to the Newmarket End 68 Hours of Hunger program.

Newmarket Coordinator Melanie Taillon told us “The principal called and told us that the account that the money was in needed to be closed by the end of the school year.   It is something that has to be done by the end of every year and the excess funds in the account needed to be moved to a cause or an organization that assists children.  He said they chose our program to be awarded the money because of all that we do for the community. He said he knows we need the funds and it will help us get the school year started off in the black.”  Melanie added that she was in tears following the phone call!

$10 provides seven meals for a child, so this donation means Newmarket will serve 1,120 meals this fall thanks to this generous donation!



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