Make A Difference In Your Town, We Can Help!

Does your town have an End 68 Hours of Hunger Program? We can help you start one! Why do we have 2000 volunteers working more than 20,000 Hours a year? Because we do make a difference, we are poised to grow!

Here is a letter from one of the Tampa area families that we support:

“I would like to thank “End 68 Hours of Hunger” for the help in providing food for my family every week. As a single mom that works two jobs and is attending college, the struggle between choosing food over bills was overwhelming stressful. The donations that we received were especially appreciated and not only provided a decent meal but also a peace of mind knowing my family was being cared for. I am so grateful that my family was able to participate in this program, we truly have been blessed by their special contributions.”

Thank you to all of the volunteers, sponsors, and fundraisers who make a difference in the lives of these families!


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