Leah Burke (Rotary Interact Club) Food Drive Nets 2000 Units of Food!!!


Could You Run A Food Drive for Your Local Program?

Leah Burke did, and netted 2000 units of food!

“My original idea was to go trick or treating for canned goods on Halloween/Trick-or-Treat nights. I crafted a flyer that let people know who I was, what club I was working with (UNH Rotaract) and what our mission was (to collect food for End 68). On the backside of the flyer was the list of everything End 68 will collect and use for the bags for children each weekend. We distributed these flyers to roughly 1000 houses between Dover and Durham.  We completed the project Sunday night, we had 11 helpers to reach all 1000 houses. I am happy to report that we have been given over 2000 items to donate to any chapter. Since I was working with you and the rest of the team at Farmington, and got an idea of how the packing rooms work, I sorted everything based on what the items are. So we have boxes of: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Mayonnaise, Cereal, Granola Bars, Oatmeal, Hot Chocolate, Pasta/Mac & Cheese, Canned Fruit, Canned Soup, and Tuna/Chicken!”

“I really cannot thank you enough!!! Working with you was such a great experience and learning about what you and your husband have accomplished together was beyond inspiring!”





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