In Remembrance of A Volunteer

The End 68 Hours of Somersworth Chapter is extremely heart broken to learn one of our most supportive volunteers has passed away. Courtney Turgeon hopped on board a couple of years ago to assist us with food ordering for our program. Courtney became a big part of our organization without hesitation and found ways for us to save money on our food orders that feed children in Somersworth.

Courtney was kind, eloquent, fun, supportive, intelligent, caring and keen on making a difference. To be around human beings like Courtney is the pinnacle of happiness. Still processing this information, we feel distraught. Thinking about Courtney’s smile, encouragement, and assistance we feel comforted.

We send our love to her family, and many friends.


-Caroline A., Coordinator

On Behalf of End 68 Hours of Hunger, Somersworth Chapter


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