Imagining Chronic Hunger

This excerpt from a 2008 Globe and Mail article still rings true today. 
“There is a myth that, after a few days of semi-starvation, hunger pains abate. It is not true. It appears that only under conditions of total starvation (no food but as much water as needed) the subjective experience of hunger pains disappear within a few days. But in chronic hunger, associated with semi-starvation, hunger pangs tend to progressively increase. It is only in the terminal stages of total starvation that appetite fails.”
“Children showed a combination of unusual vindictiveness, extraordinary irritability and chronic crying. Teachers said the children became tired more quickly than during prewar days, that they were able to pay attention for only a short time, that their comprehension was slower and their memory poorer, that they were restless, and that discipline was harder to maintain.” The Globe And Mail
And that is why we do what we do.


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