Google Grants! A Great Resource for Non-Profits!

Non profits can learn a lot from each other, and one of our gifts to other non profits is to let them know of our great relationship with ElevateClicks who manages our Google Grant!  Google Grants for non profits offers up to $10,000 to non profits to advertise their program on in response to certain key words.  For example, when you search on Childhood Hunger, a side bar ad for End 68 Hours of Hunger appears on the right.

When the ad is for a business, the business pays Google for each time a client/customer clicks on one of those ads, but if you are a non-profit, you can apply for and be granted up to $10,000 in credit towards click throughs!

We applied for, and were granted a grant, and contracted with ElevateClicks to manage it for us, and they are doing a great job!  Our ads appear on the side bars, and people are reaching out to us!

You can find out more by clicking on the link below.



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