From the Front Lines of End 68 Hours

A school counselor recently shared the feedback of a single mom whose daughter is part of the End 68 Hours program:  “The daughter loves the easy-to-make foods, especially Ramen noodles, because she can help prepare weekend lunch with Mom. Mom also raves that the canned soups and stews make the perfect Saturday or Sunday lunch, because while she is busy at home doing laundry and cleaning, etc., the soup can go right on the stove and be heated up, ready to go in minutes. Not having to take time to prepare weekend meals has been helpful for Mom.” Mom also says she uses the peanut butter from End 68, along with other baking items already available in the house, to make peanut butter treats for her daughter. She sends these peanut butter treats in for snack all week long for her child. The best thing about the program, according to Mom, is that she and her daughter get to spend time together preparing the meals. They are so kid friendly that her daughter is completely hands on, even as a young elementary school student, which makes her feel important and helpful to her mom. They love this program and are so thankful.  “Thanks, End 68 Hours!!! Our families love you!”


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