How is amazing that WE are the recipient of the first piece of mail from the new mailbox 📫 at the @thewordbarn.
Posted @withregram • @thewordbarn pretty excited that the first order of business for this (newest) mailbox isn’t incoming, but rather outgoing – as we mail off the check to End 68 Hours of Hunger!!! thanks to YOU, our 12 Nights of Christmas raised enough to cover more than 300 weekends worth of food for kiddos right here in our community – who would otherwise be without nourishing food. food insecurity is no joke, but is sadly a real thing. thank you for your giant hearts, and your generosity. it makes all this mailbox (re)building worth every second of it. ❤️💌🙏 #bestaudience #community #exeternh
Ps- drive safely out there so our friend’s mailbox and sign stay intact!


Paper plane