Entering the Technology Age!

Calypso LogoEnd 68 Hours of Hunger is entering the technology age!  Now, thanks to our new website we have a mobile friendly face to show the world.

Additionally, thanks to Calypso Communications we are active on Twitter!  Our handle is @end68hours, so load us up and start to follow what we have going on in this community!  Here are a few words from the staff at Calypso Communications:

“Calypso Communications is proud to support the mission of End 68 Hours of Hunger by doing what the agency does best – help clients communicate who they are and what they do in ways that benefit the bottom line.

‘Social media is an essential tool for connecting with potential and current volunteers,’ says Devan Meserve, Calypso’s content and social media manager. ‘Calypso is proud to help increase awareness and support for such a dynamic and deserving organization.’

The E68H Twitter account (@end68hours) features details on local events, inspirational quotes, links to related stories and interactions with local supporters.

We at End 68 Hours of Hunger LOVE having you be a part of what we have going on.  Check in often!  Thank you Calypso!!!




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