End 68 Welcomes New Co-Coordinator To Farmington Chapter

The Farmington, NH Chapter of the End 68 Hours of Hunger non-profit organization is pleased to announce the addition of Blake McGurty to its leadership team as a volunteer co-coordinator. McGurty, a resident of Rochester, is employed as the Assistant Principal at Valley View Community School where  students  in  Pre-K  through  3rd  grade  enjoy  his guidance.  “Blake cares deeply about the Farmington  community  and  knows  helping vulnerable  students  with  food  insecurity  helps  our  entire  community  in  the  long  run” according  to  the  Farmington  Chapter’s  current  Co-coordinator,  Angie  Cardinal.  “All of our volunteers are excited to see what his strong leadership skills and energy bring to  our already hard-working team” she added.

The program is a private, non-profit organization providing support to food-insecure students during the 68 hours from Friday afternoon through Monday morning. Each bag of non-perishable food bags packed for food-insecure children includes 3 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 snacks and 2 breakfasts. These meals total approx. 4,000 calories and are rich in protein. Staying below a reasonable weight so children can put it into their backpacks, each bag of food usually stays between $9-$11 in cost.  End 68 Hours of   Hunger started in 2011 in Dover, NH and came to Farmington in 2016, while former Principal Jessica  Richardson, began her first school year working at the Henry Wilson Memorial School. Mentored by the Portsmouth, NH coordinators, the Farmington coordinators expanded the program to the entire school district and the Head Start Center in Farmington in September 2017.  This school year, there are 14 local volunteers making the program run which currently supports 35 children in the Farmington community.

For more information, visit End68HoursofHunger.org, send an email to FarmingtonNH@End68HoursofHunger.org, or mail inquiries to End 68 Hours of Hunger Farmington, NH Chapter, 368 NH Route 11 #137, Farmington, NH 03835.


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