End 68 Hours of Hunger Selected to Partner with Elevate Clicks for PPC Management

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We’re excited to announce that End 68 Hours of Hunger has partnered with Elevate Clicks to manage our online advertising with Google.com!  Elevate Clicks, an online advertising and inbound marketing company in California, will be managing our online marketing efforts. This will ensure that as many people as possible find out about our program.

PPC Management stands for Pay Per Click!  It means that when someone searches on “Childhood Hunger” for example, an ad for End 68 Hours of Hunger will appear on their screen to the right of the search results!  Elevate Clicks will make sure that these ads direct people who click on them directly to our website at www.end68hoursofhunger.org!

While Elevate Clicks offers a variety of services like website design and PPC management our relationship will focus on one of their strengths – Google grants!  They have a passion for online advertising and inbound marketing.  As part of their “Partners Connect” program we will share some of our experiences (and successes!) as together we grow the effectiveness of our Google Adwords grant.

You can learn more about Elevate Clicks by going to elevateclicks.com.


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