Do You Wonder If End 68 Makes A Difference?

If you have ever wondered whether End 68 Hours is making a difference, check out this story from shopper Shannon Seager from the E68 Conval Chapter:
“When my granddaughter Ellie and I went to the Market Basket in Swanzey on New Year’s Eve to pick up that week’s order of cereal, a young man helped bring the cart out to my car and load it in. He asked several questions about what organization we were shopping for and showed sincere interest in the program.
“When I explained what E68 provides, his immediate response was ‘You guys are rock stars!’
“He must have thanked us a dozen times…and at the end he said, “When I was at Keene High School, I was one of those kids who struggled to have enough food. I am so grateful for what you are doing to help kids like me. Thank you!!’”
Thank all of you for making a difference!


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