Braden Daigneault Raises $1550 for Kittery End 68 Hours of Hunger!

Braden 2 Kittery

The Kittery Program of End 68 Hours of Hunger gives a very big “thank you” to the Daigneault family.

Their son, Braden, saw the Kittery Program Coordinators speaking about End 68 Hours of Hunger on Channel 22 coverage of the Town Council presentation of a donation to the program.  He decided that he wanted to help, and he and his mother came up with the idea of a “Drive Through Food Drive.”

They plastered the town with flyers, and using a canopy from the Kittery Rotary Club, he and his family spent two days on the “job.”   Braden refusing to be relieved, spent two days promoting the support of the program.  Braden will be entering 1st grade this fall!

Braden collected over $1400 in food and over $150 in cash donations. Approximately half of the donations go to the Foot Prints Food Pantry.

The family asked us to send out a big thank you to all the wonderful people who donated, which we certainly do!  Our community owes a large thank you to a small family that made a big difference.


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