Announcement for Nashua Families

The Summer food program is coming to an end as the Nashua School District takes over distributing school lunches and our non-perishable food bags as of September 8. We need to get the information below about food this week out to as many families as possible:

United Way of Greater Nashua

We need your help sharing this information, please! Information that every school kid in Nashua needs to know.
This is going to be a transitional week with the school lunch program. Monday will be the same as it has been all summer, with SNHS handling lunches at 6 of the schools and Nashua School District / United Way / Boys and Girls Club / Nashua Transit handling the other 4 plus the two bus routes. Wednesday and Friday, SNHS drops off the distribution and the UW Team takes over. So, on Wednesday and Friday, 11-2, there will be FREE Grab-n-Go breakfast and lunch at the following schools, 11-1: Ledge Street, Elm Street, Pennichuck, New Searles, Amherst Street, Mt. Pleaseant, Dr. Crisp, Broad Street, Sunset Heights, and Fairgrounds. All kids welcome!!!
Monday and Wednesday will be enough food to cover two days, Friday will be enough food to cover 4 days, since it’s the holiday weekend. ADDITIONALLY, on Friday there will be fresh produce, frozen meals, E68 weekend bags, and face masks at all locations plus the bus routes!
There will be NO FOOD on Labor Day, and starting on Tuesday, 9/8 the program will be entirely taken over by the Nashua School District, including the bus routes will discontinue.
It has been a great honor for United Way to partner this year with the Nashua School District, Nashua Teachers’ Union, Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter, Inc., YMCA of Greater Nashua, Nashua Transit System, End 68 Hours of Hunger – Nashua and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Nashua to create such a remarkable system of food security. Together we have distributed around 100K meals and brought fresh produce to over 4K families. The 5-days-per-week fresh produce popups will continue and we intend to include at least 3 schools in this on Fridays, most likely Fairgrounds, Ledge, and Dr. Crisp.
Thank you to our great community for stepping up (not the least of which are the 350 volunteers who have logged some 7500 hours through snow, rain, and heat getting food out to our many families since March. Great things really do happen when we LIVE UNITED!


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