A Backpack Full of Community

As a New Year starts and school resume for most, here is a reminder why we do what we do!
This short report from a local Conval teacher pretty much says it all:
“As I’m helping a student place completed work in a backpack, so it can be proudly hung on the refrigerator, this sweet student happily shares, ‘Can you put it behind my food?’ Of course, I reply.
“The student then shares, ‘that bag has my favorite mac and cheese, and granola bars! I can’t wait to have it!’
“A smile crosses my face, the very home filled with the school work of a young learner is also filled by community support, support that helps this sweet child learn and grow. One simple End 68 bag helps nourish this little learner, and students across our district.
“My smile still on face, as this child heads home, with a backpack full of community.”


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