Sanborn District (Newton, Kingston, and Fremont)

Program Coordinators:

Kelly Gannett
P.O. Box 240
Newton, NH 03858

Jennifer Hever

Email us at:

Drop off Locations:

Donations can be dropped off at any of the schools in the Sanborn District

Dad’s Fads and Skills Toys
134 Newton Road
Plaistow, NH
Wicks and Whimsies
14 Main Street
East Kingston NH
(603) 347 1386

Hear why End 68 Hours of Hunger is important
for your community

Donations by check may be sent to: Sanborn Ends 68 Hours of hunger, P.O. Box 240, Newton NH 03858
Major Sponsors: Panera Bread in Plaistow NH, Wicks and Whimsies in East Kingston NH, Dads Fads and Skills Toys in Plaistow NH, Cider Hill Farm in Amesbury MA and Ocasio’s True Martial Arts in Haverhill MA
Special Thanks to the Sanborn Key Club students and all of the behind scene volunteers that help shop, pack and deliver food each week.
We would like to acknowledge the Sanborn School District for donating free storage space.