The Sullivan Foundation Steps Up in a Big Way

Just when our inventory was dangerously close to matching Old Mother Hubbard’s, The Sullivan Foundation steps up in a big way! ConVal End 68 Hours of Hunger received a donation from the Keith M. Sullivan Foundation for $4,000! The foundation has donated to End 68 Hours of Hunger before, but this latest gift was one of...  Read More

Alton American Legion Hosts Fundraiser Dinner

Each week there are roughly 35 Alton, NH children that go home on Friday and not have anything to eat until Monday morning’s breakfast at school. Our End 68 Hours of Hunger is a program that allows these children to go home on Friday with a bag of food for the entire weekend. The American...  Read More

Helping The Hungry

The Lowell Sun E-Edition Newspaper featured the following article about a local Dracut Parish helping End 68 Hours of Hunger. The St. Francis Parish Women’s Connection recently hosted a “Giving Thanks” evening that included a collection for Dracut children at risk of hunger on weekends. End 68 Hours of Hunger in Dracut, founded by Andrea...  Read More

Retire-To Podcast focuses on Childhood Hunger

Volunteers! Tune in to the Retire-To podcast on January 31, 2018. Ed Zinkiewicz will be interviewing Claire Bloom, director of End 68 Hours of Hunger, who brings to life an extraordinary opportunity for volunteering! The interview will be available in iTunes and Stitcher Radio at the same time.  Please go ahead and tell your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter,...  Read More

Looking for A Last Minute Gift? Sponser a Child.

If you live in the Conway, NH area, they now have gift certificates for sale. What an amazing gift to give, the gift of sponsoring a child this is truly what the holiday season is all about! Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount. Think about it … How cool is it that a...  Read More

Pack the Bags Volunteer Opportunity in Nashua

Each week, Nashua’s chapter of End 68 Hours of Hunger provides 200 food bags for children who face food insecurity at home. We fill the gap between free (or reduced cost) school lunch on Friday and free breakfast on Monday.  Our task would be impossible without you, the volunteers!  Please join our bag packing team...  Read More

Cuts for A Cause

Red Line Jeeps and Hoppi’s Barber Shop in Kittery, Maine are teaming together to hold a Cut-A-Thon! Hoppi’s Barbershop is on Route 146 State Rd., Kittery, ME. The event takes place on Sunday December 10th from 11-1pm. Even if you don’t need a haircut, stop in to say hello and if you can, make a...  Read More

A Boy’s Generosity is a Lesson for All

This is Alex Ritchie. Alex recently turned 9 years old and for his birthday Alex asked his guests to donate to his “Charity Box” instead of receiving presents for himself.  Alex chose to donate $200 to Clothe-A-Child and $200 to End 68 Hours of Hunger in Lake County, OH. We are extremely touched by Alex’s thoughtfulness...  Read More

Thank You to the Woman’s Connection!

Thank you to the WOMAN’S CONNECTION groups at St Francis Church in Dracut, MA! The group had a food drive at their November 16th meeting for END 68 HOURS OF HUNGER DRACUT.  They are also gathering donations during each of their masses all weekend long. St. Francis is located at 115 Wheeler Drive, Dracut, MA.  Read More

This week I’m gonna keep kids nourished

The givetwig organization is promoting End 68 Hours of Hunger this week. Givetwig is a routine and hassle-free method of giving that enables people of every income level to experience how great it feels to give back. Givetwig makes charitable giving informal, easily accessible, and personal so that it becomes routine. Members make small, weekly donations that get combined...  Read More
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